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A Liverpool backdrop is the setting for this witty, music driven romance - the hero of the piece is Martin Luxford (Hugo Speers) released on parole after serving 2 years for robbing the building society where is ex-girlfriend worked. Whilst inside Martin is tutored in the art of the saxophone by his cell mate Jack, a New York musician. Upon leaving prison - he has two aims; win back the love of his life, Joan Woodcock (Lisa Stansfield) and pursue his dream to form a swing band. The road to success is rocky but with the help of friends in the right places; from the comically wimpy ex-school friend (Jon Huyton), now Assistant Hotel Manager at the Viceroy, to the protestant Uncle Matty (much to the horror of his catholic mother) who provides a full brass section from the troupe of Orange Brigade members, led by Mighty Mac (Alexei Sayle) - Martin is on his way to stardom!

Director(s): Nick Mead
Cast: Clarence Clemens, Hugo Speer, Lisa Stansfield, Rita Tushingham
Certification: 15+
Run Time: 1h 34min
Cinema Date: 1998
Distributor: Entertainment Film