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Who says best friends have to be human? Not Willie Morris, who embarks on the adventure of his life with cheeky puppy Skip - the loveable terrier who soon becomes his best friend! Clever Skip helps shy and gawky eight-year old Willie transform his quiet and lonely life in the small town of Yazoo, Mississippi, into a whirlwind of fun and adventure! With Skip's canine help, Willie faces life's bigger challenges and turns bullies (Big Boy Wilkinson, Henjie Henick and Spit McGee) into friends, reconciles his friendship with big hero, Dink the soldier and even wins the affections of the prettiest girl in school! A hilarious and moving story that will have the entire family sitting up and begging for more. Woof, Woof.

Director(s): Jay Russell
Cast: Kevin Bacon, Bradley Coryell, Daylan Honeycutt, Cody Linley, Caitlin Wachs, Luke Wilson
Run Time: 1h 35min
Cinema Date: 2000
Distributor: Warner Bros.