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This exciting and ambitious musical adventure combines historical fact with popular folklore and legend to present the compelling tale of a brave, compassionate and dynamic young woman who "listens with her heart" to help her choose which path to follow. Disney's telling of the Pocahontas story takes a romantic and entertaining view of her legendary encounter with the adventurous English sea captain, John Smith, to provide a timeless, universal and uniquely satisfying motion picture experience. Featuring breathtaking animation, stylish art direction and an equally impressive song score from the team of Alan Menken (“Beauty and the Beast”) and Stephen Schwartz (“Godspell”), "Pocahontas" boldly explores new areas of the animation spectrum and demonstrates the unique power of this art form to blend great dramatic storytelling with elements of fantasy, comedy and music.

Director(s): Mike Gabriel, Eric Goldberg
Cast: Carl Binder, Susannah Grant
Run Time: 1h 21min
Cinema Date: 1995
Distributor: Disney