How It Works

Do you feel a bit puzzled about the whole booking process? Let us explain it to you in few simple steps.

1. Register

Quick form that shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes to complete is available under Register tab in the menu.

2. Activate your account

After you've completed the registration, an activation link will be sent out to your email address for verification purposes. Please click on it (or copy and paste it in your browser) and you will be fully registered.

3. Search for film

When the deposit is successfully processed, you can finally order your first title! Search box is located at the top right corner of the website. Search for desired film and click BOOK button next to it's title.

4. Book

Under each movie description there is a simple booking form, which you will need to fill in to give us an idea about your screening. Once everything is filled, press SEND.

5. Pay Booking Deposit

Last step before the booking process is complete is to pay a booking deposit. Please note this booking deposit will be deducted from your licence fee, if your booking is approved.

6. Pay (non-commerical & commercial)

Flat fee for non commercial and minimum guarantee for commercial screenings must be paid in advance of screening. Once a booking is approved by a member of our team, you will receive an email with the payment link.

7. Submitting Box Office Returns (commercial bookings)

If your booking is commercial, you will be required to fill out your return information and submit by email within 48 hours of screening. That means supplying us with the information about the amount of tickets sold and admission price.

8. Pay (commercial bookings)

Once we get have reviewed your returns, you will receive a payment link that will allow you to clear the outstanding fee if any additional royalties are due where minimum guarantee has been exceeded.