THE SONG REMAINS THE SAME (Moratorium until 31/12/2021) (NOT AVAILABLE)

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The line forms - and ends - here for the world's greatest, most influential rock band. This mesmerising movie built around Led Zeppelin's famed '73 NYC concerts is convincing proof why. Band members supervised the remastering remixing of the film's soundtrack. Augmenting the performances, fantasy sequences and at-home glimpses of Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and the late John Bonham are rare extras including additional songs. It all adds up to the complete Madison Square Garden Concert experience. The Song Remains the Same. So does the group's power and place in rock lore. This is the version fans have been waiting for.This groundbreaking concert film of Led Zeppelin's electrifying 1973 performance at New York's Madison Square Garden takes us to the band's live performance as well as into the members' personal lives with backstage footage - and their own private hallucinations via animated sequences.

Director(s): Joe Massot
Cast: Peter Clifton, Richard Cole, Peter Grant, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, Colin Rigdon, Derek Skilton
Certification: 15+
Distributor: Warner Bros.