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Academy Award winner Henry Fonda stars in director Alfred Hitchcock's real-life thriller of an innocent man trapped as the victim of a heartless criminal justice system, even though he's The Wrong Man. When an eyewitness to a robbery identifies musician Christopher Balestrero (Fonda) as the culprit, Balestrero cannot prove where he was on the day of the crime. Now, the wheels of justice, driven by the testimony of witnesses, mercilessly grind away the life of a man who looks remarkably like the real thief.

Director(s): Alfred Hitchcock
Cast: Laurinda Barrett, Charles Cooper, Henry Fonda, John Heldabrand, Doreen Lang, Dayton Lummis, Vera Miles, Anthony Quayle
Run Time: 1h 44min
Cinema Date: 1956
Distributor: Warner Bros.