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THIN ICE, partially based on the Hungarian play Der Komet, is a whirlwind musical filled with romance and comedy. &nbspIt stars Norwegian skating star Sonja Henie as a Swiss hotel ski instructor who falls in love with a Ruritanian prince posing as an American reporter who (conveniently) goes skiing every morning. &nbspWhen their romance blossoms, it threatens to interrupt an important treaty between three rival principalities. The film is filled with brilliant skating performances by Henie, and great songs sung by vocalist Leah Ray and company, including My Secret Love Affair, Over Night, and My Swiss Hilly Billy”, all written by Lew Pollack and Sidney D. Mitchell. &nbspJoan Davis has a comedic turn with the song “ I’m Olga From the Volga” written by Mack Gordon and Harry Revel. During the same period of time, Paramount released a motion picture that was also loosely based on Der Komet, entitled Easy Living. &nbspTwentieth Century Fox briefly toyed with the idea of suing Paramount over this.

Director(s): Sidney Lanfield
Cast: Bonnie Bannon, Eugene Borden, Egon Brecher, Sonja Henie, Elsa Janssen, Alphonse Martell, Alberto Morin, Tyrone Power, Frank Puglia, Bert Sprotte, Arthur Treacher
Run Time: 1h 18min
Cinema Date: 1937
Distributor: Universal Pictures