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Tailor to Hollywood’s A-list, and superstar in his own right, Ozwald Boateng is a dynamic force of energy, passion and colour. A Man’s story is an unprecedented and unique documentary that started 12 years ago when Ozwald invited a film crew to follow him for two weeks. The two weeks turned into 6 months, and then to 12 years- ending when Ozwald closed London’s fashion week in September 2010, with the biggest menswear show in history. For exclusive access Director Varon Bonicos is able to get behind the headlines and chart the Ozwald’s singular dream to succeed, with a humanity, depth and ambition rarely, if ever, documented in the fashion world. Instinctual, flawed and generous, a man’s story goes to the very heart of what Ozwald spent an entire career trying to distil- what is to be a man.

Director(s): Varon Bonicos
Cast: Ozwald Boateng, Richard Branson, Laurence Fishburne, Will Smith
Run Time: 1h 38min
Cinema Date: 09/03/2012
Distributor: Trinity Films