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At a weekend hotel conference, three comfortable couples, bonded by blood, marriage and friendship know each other so well they can offend without any offense taken and forgive without any forgiveness given. Their natural leader is the irrepressible Charlie, an erudite, apparently harmless, fast-talking egotist, whose smoke and mirror monologues conceal a prejudiced, over-educated sociopath who refuses to be bound by the restrictions of morality, law, or even reality. Charlie has it all, the perfect wife, the property portfolio and the loyalty of his friends. The fact that Charlie needs Viagra to have sex with his wife, is losing his portfolio, and has seduced his best friend's wife, means nothing to him, because, having killed that working class girl, Charlie is living on dangerously borrowed time; and, as lies become truth, and reality becomes fantasy, this sickeningly compelling anti-hero embroils the three couples in his sanctimonious excesses and Pied Piper prejudices. Dangerously subversive, provocatively dark, and satirically disturbing, you may have already met Walter Mitty and Billy Liar but now it's time for you to meet the darkest member of that twisted trio; the man of our times, Charlie Casanova.

Director(s): Terry Mcmahon
Cast: Emmett Scanlan
Run Time: 1h 34min
Cinema Date: 11/05/2012
Distributor: StudioCanal