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Four young friends from London set out on a motorcycle adventure weekend, clocking up miles in an attempt to outrun the big three-o and their City-boy lifestyles. One night they set up camp in a muddy field, only to discover the next morning that they re sharing the field with an ominously-deserted, beaten-up old caravan. When the City boys investigate, they quickly discover that the beaten-up caravan is anything but abandoned. Within seconds, an idiotic prank sets off a series of brutal events pitching the City boys against a group of angry Irish travellers in a deadly race for survival involving kidnap, murder and bare-knuckle boxing. As events spiral out of control and we learn more about the back-story of each of the City boys, we re forced to question our own prejudices. It s City boys versus Irish travellers, and the unfolding sequence of events leads us to reconsider who the villains of the piece really are.

Director(s): Kris McManus
Cast: Charlie Boorman, Tom Geoffrey, Celia Muir, Shane Sweeney
Certification: 18+
Run Time: 1h 24min
Cinema Date: 2011
Distributor: High Fliers Films