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When Billy Connley, an 11 year old boy, goes on a trip to Safari World with his parents, he winds up in an adventure of a lifetime. Luna, a baby tiger cub, escapes from her cage during Billy's visit and accidentally follows him home. Now, Billy has to figure out how to hide a tiger, who is determined to playfully destroy his parent's home, while dealing with school bullies who want to kill him, and attempting to impress Doreen, the beautiful girl of his dreams. Meanwhile, Koby's parents are in danger of losing their house. Only Koby, Billy's clumsy best friend, and Buster, Billy's faithful dog, can help him or can they? Comedy and chaos ensue as Billy tries to get Luna back home to Safari World before they are forced to shut their gates for good. Can Billy save the day for everyone, including himself, or will Luna get the last laugh?

Director(s): Michael Sarna
Cast: Zachary Friedman, Greg Grunberg, Will Spencer, Darlene Vogel
Run Time: 1h 21min
Cinema Date: 2014
Distributor: Icon Film