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Peter Fonda and Susan George star in this timeless cult chase movie! Racing enthusiasts Larry Rayder (Fonda) and Deke Sommers (Adam Rourke) steal $150,000 from a supermarket manager in order to buy a fancy sports car, and along for the ride is sexy hitchhiker Mary Coombs (George). Join Rayder and Deke as they are pursued across the California countryside by a maniacal law-enforcement officer (Vic Morrow). With more than one-third of the film consisting of hair-pin chases, comic smash-ups and crashes, this is a classic action film not to be missed!

Director(s): John Hough
Cast: Peter Fonda, Susan George, Vic Morrow, Adam Roarke
Run Time: 1h 32min
Cinema Date: 1974
Distributor: 20th Century Fox