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You know the movies. You know the man. The Terminator. Total Recall. Terminator 2: Judgment Day. True Lies. Now add another spectacular, effects-filled Arnold Schwarzenegger action smash to the list. The Dynamic superstar plays John Kruger, a U.S. Marshal who "erases"; the lives and identities of people entering the Witness Protection Program, Kruger must protect an executive (Vanessa Williams) who's uncovered a deal to put a new superweapon in the wrong hands. It's a do-or-die assignment. So Kruger makes sure he does in a non-stop action spree that includes plunging from an aeroplane after his parachute, turning ravenous alligators into instant luggage, outbraining ultra-tech security and out-brawning killers with hypervelocity weapons. For power-packed excitement, Eraser is unstoppable.

Director(s): Charles Russell
Cast: James Caan, Danny Nucci, Andy Romano, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vanessa Williams
Run Time: 1h 54min
Cinema Date: 1996
Distributor: Warner Bros.