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Max Klein walks away unhurt from an horrific plane crash. In a moment of paralysing fear before the craft hit the ground, Max accepts the inevitability of his death - and is suddenly, serenely, at peace with himself. It is a shock to him that he survived, and now that he has accepted death it is increasingly difficult for him to see life as it was before. His wife cannot reach him, and it takes its tolls on their marriage. The only people he can communicate with are two other crash survivors with whom he has a strong empathy - a small boy whose life he saved, and a woman whose baby boy was killed when torn from her arms in the crash. Together they must learn to live again.

Director(s): Peter Weir
Cast: Jeff Bridges, Tom Hulce, Isabella Rosellini, John Turturro
Certification: 15+
Run Time: 2h 2min
Distributor: Warner Bros.