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A dramatic comedy about one man’s attempt to redeem himself from a life of fatal cynicism through his unlikely alliance with a street person. Robin Williams portrays Parry, a former professor of medieval history, who lives in a fantasy world of his own creation - a cocoon from reality in which he suffered a terrible tragedy. His world is actually amongst the homeless and abused of New York’s population - he lives in a boiler room but sees only castles, demons and knights. Jack Lucas, the city’s top ‘shock’ D.J, is derailed from the fast track by his own arrogance. Penniless and without prospects, the once self-righteous Jack finds himself plucked from helplessness by the most selfless and improbable of saviours...Parry.

Director(s): Terry Gilliam
Cast: Jeff Bridges, Michael Jeter, Amanda Plummer, Robin Williams
Certification: 15+
Run Time: 2h 17min
Distributor: Sony Pictures