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Gregory McDonald’s mystery novel ‘Fletch’ and its popular sequels from the base for this tour de force performance by Chevy Chase as the ‘wise cracking’ investigative reporter-sleuth, I.M. Fletcher. In this adventure, aviation executive, Alan Stanwyck, under the impression that Fletch is a drifter, hires him to commit a murder, offering $50,000 and a planned escape that looks foolproof, but most intriguing of all is the target for the murder - it is Stanwyck himself. Fletch is soon in a tightly interwoven tapestry of perilous confrontations, criminal schemes and double crosses, in a film that successfully blends comedy with suspense.

Director(s): Michael Ritchie
Cast: Chevy Chase, Geena Davis, Tim Matherson, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson
Certification: PG
Run Time: 1h 36min
Distributor: Universal Pictures