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Frank Bannister is the man to call when the citizens of the small town of Fairwater find themselves plagued by a series of ghostly visitations. Frank runs a service guaranteed to rid any home of whatever's haunting it, but little do his clients suspect that Frank is in league with the very ghosts he's paid to exterminate! But this psychic con-man and his supernatural partners are about to find that business is drying up: a malevolent spirit is haunting Fairwater, and everyone is convinced that Frank is behind it. Determined to clear his name, Frank and his ghostly cronies must stay one step ahead of the police as they try to stop the real culprit.

Director(s): Peter Jackson
Cast: Trini Alvarado, Michael J. Fox
Certification: 15+
Run Time: 1h 50min
Cinema Date: 1996
Distributor: Universal Pictures