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“One day men will look back and say I gave birth to the twentieth century.” -- Jack the Ripper The first tabloid star of the twentieth century, he remains the most notorious and enigmatic serial killer in history. Jack the Ripper committed five heinous, ritualistic murders during a ten-week span in London in the fall of 1888, creating a frenzied atmosphere of gossip, rumor and terror. He was never caught. Based on a popular graphic novel, FROM HELL puts an intense psychological spin on the horrific legend of Jack the Ripper and unravels a chilling alleged conspiracy involving the highest powers in England. Mary Kelly (Heather Graham) Kate Eddowes (Lesly Sharp) and Liz Stride (Susan Lynch), exist on the brink, earning a meager living with their bodies in a society that concurrently dishonors and feeds upon them. Owning virtually nothing of value, they are threatened by a monster that would steal from them their only possession: existence. Further menacing their lives is a dangerous secret the women unknowingly share, one which threatens the Crown – and themselves. The lone authority seemingly concerned with protecting these “unfortunates,” otherwise viewed as expendable, is Inspector Fred Abberline (Johnny Depp). Abberline, however, is himself tormented--by unendurable memories which lead him to seek temporary escape with opium. His addiction heightens spells of clairvoyance that lend both insight to his search for the killer and incapacity in dealing with his own personal demons. The Inspector is aided in his troubled investigation by the imposing Sgt. Godley (Robbie Coltrane)--a loyal friend who takes a strong hand in caring for Abberline when he “chases the dragon.” Sir Gull (Ian Holm), a physician to the Royal family, advises Abberline on the instruments likely being used and the probable manner in which the murders are being conducted. With his guidance, Abberline is able to deduce that the killings are part of a menacing conspiracy involving the Order of