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Wolfgang Petersen directs this heart-stopping action thriller. Harrison Ford stars as the U.S. President, James Marshall, who makes an impassioned speech to a room full of Russian dignitaries, praising the joint Russian-American commando raid that has resulted in the capture of a brutal Russian dictator General Alexander Radek. The Presidential plane 'Air force One', which carries the President and his family back to Washington, is hijacked by Radek loyalists posing as Russian journalists. Their mission to force the release of Radek by holding the President hostage. Whilst the President escapes, his family are trapped with the hijackers who are planning to kill every passenger unless their demands are met.

Director(s): Wolfgang Petersen
Cast: Wendy Crewson, Harrison Ford, Paul Guilfoyle, Gary Oldman Poster ;
Run Time: 2h 4min
Cinema Date: 1997
Distributor: Disney