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A television executive develops what she hopes will become the most watched television show of all time, the ultimate reality show called “Live!” where contestants play Russian Roulette with a loaded gun. As the TV Executive struggles to overcome the challenges by the Federal Communications Commission, her network, and the show’s advertisers, a documentary filmmaker films every detail of her glamorous, high powered life. The Documentary Filmmaker becomes involved in the making of the show by creating biographical segments about the Contestants, who include a young, struggling writer an extreme sports star, a man trying to save his family’s farm, an aspiring actress, a former super model turned performance artist, and a young immigrant determined to help his family.

Director(s): Bill Guttentag
Cast: Andre Braugher, Rob Brown, David Krumholtz, Eva Mendes
Certification: 15+
Cinema Date: 20/08/2008
Distributor: Lionsgate