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Jack Walsh is a tough chain smoking, unkempt ex-cop who was driven off the Chicago police force by a mobster who had corrupted all his colleagues. Now a bounty hunter, he is given a shot at the big bucks when his next quarry is sensitive, bail jumping accountant Jonathan Mardukas who has stolen $15 million from the same mobster. Mardukas is not the usual hardened criminal but an idealistic fellow that took advantage of the situation so he could turn the gangsters’ millions over to charity. Together Walsh and Mardukas take on a frenetic cross-country journey from New York to Los Angeles on the run from a rival bounty hunter, the FBI and the Mob.

Director(s): Peter Hyams
Cast: Charles Grodin, Robert De Niro
Certification: 15+
Run Time: 2h 7min
Distributor: Universal Pictures