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Mystery novelist Agatha Christie's intrepid spinster sleuth, Miss Marple, reveals a skeleton full of closets as she tracks a killer in Murder, She Said. Miss Marple (Academy Award winner Margaret Rutherford) witnesses a murder while aboard the night train from Paddington. But when she reports the crime and the police cannot find a body, they dismiss her story as the ramblings of a doddering eccentric. Now, determined that the crime she saw does not go unpunished, the dauntless Miss Marple first poses as a railroad worker to inspect the tracks, then goes undercover as a maid when the clues lead to the Ackenthorpe estate, the many awful secrets kept by the family - and a series of terrible murders. Based on the novel 4:50 from Paddington by Agatha Christie

Director(s): George Pollock
Cast: Richard Briers, Stringer Davis, Joan Hickson, Ron Howard, Arthur Kennedy, Barbara Leake, Muriel Pavlow, Conrad Phillips, Ronnie Raymond, Margaret Rutherford, Charles Bud Tingwell
Cinema Date: 1961
Distributor: Warner Bros.