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Palmetto, a sleepy seaside Florida village, has long attracted trouble. Harry Barber, a do-gooder, who has just spent two years in jail for trying to uncover a scam in Palmetto, is back in town. Before too long trouble looms again in the form of a beautiful woman who wants Harry to set up a fake kidnapping. Just as Harry decides to offer his services, he is dragged in by Palmetto's D.A. to handle the press reaction of a kidnapping - the same one he has just conspired to commit! As dead bodies, false identities and unfinished businesses from the past, pile up, poor Harry Barber realises he is in for a white knuckle ride!

Director(s): Volker Schlondorff
Cast: Woody Harrelson, Rolf Hoppe, Michael Rapaport, Elisabeth Shue
Certification: 15+
Run Time: 1h 53min
Cinema Date: 1997
Distributor: Warner Bros.