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The creators of CRANK crank up the shock value in this twisted tale of terror that combines pulse- pounding thrills with heart-stopping suspense! Ted Grey (Milo Ventimiglia) is a brilliant medical student with a promising future in forensics. But when he joins the nation's most prestigious pathology program, he unknowingly becomes a pawn in a terrifying game of death and destruction as his fellow students use their razor-sharp skills to commit unthinkable murders. When the pathological secrets of his colleagues begin to unfold, Ted quickly realizes that what he doesn’t know... could kill him.

Director(s): Marc Scholermann
Cast: Larry Drake, John De Lancie, Buddy Lewis, Mei Melancon, Keir O'Donnell, Lauren Lee Smith
Run Time: 1h 31min
Cinema Date: 2008
Distributor: Entertainment Film