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In the 18th century, an Italian alchemist studying the basic secrets of genetic science accidentally releases a swathe of virulent diseases and inadvertently creates a new race of people superior to humans in both mind and body - The Brothers - via a genetic mutation occurring only in males. Two hundred years later, in 1969, these superior beings have become the custodians of genetic science. They help humanity fight the diseases that regularly sweep the planet and in return, ask humanity to share only one thing: their blood. The Brothers are vampires, not the vampires of European myth, but living, breathing creatures that can survive and remain youthful looking for 200 years or more. They have established an uneasy truce with humanity, getting their life-giving sustenance without preying on the weaker humans in exchange for continuing to battle humanity’s ongoing microbial wars. This centuries old truce comes in danger of being shattered, when one of The Brothers begins to do what no other Brother has done before - hunt human beings. In an attempt to maintain the peace, The Brothers deal with the problem in secret, assigning one of their own, Silus, to capture the renegade who threatens it all - his twin brother, Edgar. Initially failing, Silus is forced to team up with human policewoman Lilly Hour, and the attraction between them is almost immediate. After a perilous game of cat and mouse, Silus and Lilly trap Edgar, but Lilly is wounded in the process. At the hospital, they share a private moment before going their separate ways. Their lives move forward, but the bond has been formed. Later, in the vaults of The Brothers Central Command center, Edgar's mind ages while his body stays youthful. He swears revenge against Silus and his “little policewoman," all the while waiting for his chance to escape. When it comes, his thoughts of revenge are focused on the two who captured him. Edgar releases a genetically designed disease that will decimate The Brothe

Director(s): Glenn Standring
Cast: Saffron Burrows, Leo Gregory, Dougray Scott, Scott Wills, Stuart Wilson
Run Time: 1h 28min
Cinema Date: 2006
Distributor: Icon Film