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This German animated film feature is one of a series of celebrated films to chronicle the adventures of French warrior Asterix and his goofy sidekick, Obelix. It is 50 B.C. and the Roman Emperor, Caesar, has taken over all of the European continent except for one tiny French village, occupied by the Druid sorcerer named Getafix. Getafix makes potions that give Asterix and Obelix their enormous strength. After the Romans succeed in catching Getafix, they take him and throw him off the edge of the world, believing that the world is flat. Instead of flying out into space, Getafix ends up living in America with the natives. Asterix, Obelix, and their trusty dog venture out to find Getafix and return him to their village to once again defeat the Romans before their village’s supply of potion runs low and the village is overrun. Full of poignant moments and slapstick humor, ASTERIX CONQUERS AMERICA is a film that both adults and children love.

Director(s): Gerhard Hahn
Cast: Roger Carel, Henri Labussiere, Pierre Tornade
Run Time: 1h 24min
Cinema Date: 1994
Distributor: 20th Century Fox