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His taciturnity and single-mindedness have earned Captain Ivan Danko the nickname ‘Iron Jaw’ among his colleagues in the Moscow police force. Danko is sent to the U.S. to extradite Viktor Rostavili, a Russian drug-dealer, who has killed his partner in a shoot-out before fleeing to Chicago, where he joins up with two other Russian emigres, enjoying the criminal fruits of the free society. When arrested on a minor traffic violation, Rostavili is rescued by his gangland friends in an ambush that results in the death of the partner of wisecracking Chicago cop, Art Ridzik, who also swears revenge. So the two form a renegade partnership to bring the gunmen to justice with a merging of harsh KGB-style police procedure and a more relaxed U.S approach to criminology.

Director(s): Walter Hill
Cast: James Belushi, Arnold Schwarzenegger
Certification: 18+
Run Time: 1h 44min
Cinema Date: 1988
Distributor: Sony Pictures