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Burnett and Lowrey, two Miami cops, must find a hundred million dollars in stolen heroin before their department is closed down. In a race against time they track the thief into the Miami underworld, dodging bullets and bad guys along the way. A sexy witness can identify the thief, but when she calls the station, she’ll only talk to Lowrey and Lowry’s not around. Acting quickly, Burnett impersonates his partner to take the call, but there’s only one catch: he has to pretend to be Lowrey for the duration of the case or risk losing her trust. Now, between shoot-outs and car chases, married man Burnett has to stick close to their only witness while playboy Lowrey goes home to his partner’s wife and kids, maintaining the charade until the case is solved!

Director(s): Michael Bay
Cast: Martin Lawrence, Will Smith
Certification: 18+
Run Time: 1h 59min
Cinema Date: 1995
Distributor: Sony Pictures