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In this third installment of the franchise, Anna Faris reprises her role as Cindy, who this time is trying to help the President of the United States (Leslie Nielsen) thwart an alien attack while also facing crop circles and a mysterious video tape. Movie spoofs recent films SIGNS, THE RING, INDEPENDENCE DAY, 8 MILE and THE MATRIX amongst others along the way. Also features Charlie Sheen, Camyrn Manheim, Jenny McCarthy, Denise Richards, Pamela Anderson, Queen Latifah, and Simon Cowell. Directed by David Zucker.

Director(s): David Zucker
Cast: Pamela Anderson, Marny Eng, Jenny McCarthy, Charlie Sheen
Certification: 15+
Run Time: 1h 20min
Cinema Date: 2003
Distributor: Miramax