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When saloon a prostitute rescues her friend from an abusive customer by killing him, she is sentenced to hang. However, her three friends rescue her and the four make a run for texas, pursued by two pinkerton detectives hired to track them. When one of the girls withdraws her savings from a texas bank, the women believe they can now start a new life in oregon. But an old partner their money when his gang robs the bank, and so the four so-Called honky-Tonk harlots set out to recover the money.

Director(s): Jonathan Kaplan
Cast: Drew Barrymore, Robert Loggia, Andie MacDowell, Mary Stuart Masterson, Dermot Mulroney, James Russo, Madeleine Stowe
Run Time: 1h 40min
Cinema Date: 1994
Distributor: 20th Century Fox