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What does deception do to a marriage? To a soul? In SEPARATE LIES, this searing question rises to the fore in a story about a man and woman who seem idyllically happy until a deadly accident sets off a cascade of increasingly dangerous lies...which in turn reveal devastating truths about who they each are and what they want from one another. Academy Award® nominees Tom Wilkinson and Emily Watson star with Rupert Everett in this taut, suspenseful yet revealing human mystery that presents a modern-day love triangle bisected by a criminal act. The film marks the directorial debut of Oscar®-winning screenwriter (Gosford Park), veteran actor and acclaimed novelist (Snobs) Julian Fellowes. At first glance, the marriage of James Manning (Wilkinson) and his wife Anne (Watson) couldn’t be more picture-perfect. James is a wealthy and respected international lawyer; Anne is a bright and charming homemaker. They reside in a gorgeous country home, have another in London, and enjoy a privileged, peaceful existence with few real worries. It would be absurd to think that such a partnership could be torn apart in just a few tragic seconds. Yet that is precisely what happens. It all begins when the husband of the Mannings’ cleaning lady is found near death just down the road, the victim of a hit-and-run. At first, it seems to be a random accident. But soon James begins to suspect that their neighbor, the handsome, upper-crust Bill Bule (Everett) just back from America, might be to blame for what becomes a vehicular homicide. As James and the police begin to probe what really happened, James is suddenly faced with the shocking reality that both Bill and his wife Anne might have been involved, not only in the unreported crime, but with each other in a passionate affair. James’ shattering discovery is only the beginning of a suspenseful journey that takes a twisting turn when James makes the difficult choice to lie in order to protect his wife...who has been lying to hi

Director(s): Julian Fellowes
Cast: Emily Watson, Tom Wilkinson
Certification: 15+
Run Time: 1h 21min
Cinema Date: 2005
Distributor: 20th Century Fox